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Brown Sugar Body Scrub

I have been determined to make at least one or two homemade Christmas gifts the last few years. This year, Suzann and I made homemade presents for our female coworkers: Brown Sugar Body Scrub. We found the basic recipe over on "our best bites," and how I am bringing it to you, and therefore completing… Continue reading Brown Sugar Body Scrub

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#55: Go Apple Picking & Bake

So here's the deal. I came to the realization one day that there is about a 1% chance I will get to go apple picking between now and next September, when my 101 in 1001 list comes to an end.  Not only is winter quickly nearing, but there aren't really any orchards near by.  I… Continue reading #55: Go Apple Picking & Bake

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#98: Make A Gingerbread House

Yes, making a gingerbread house is in fact on the 101 list. Yes yes yes, I am fully aware that it is still November. In fact, it is only November 15. Yet this weekend I attended my first Christmas party of the season...which conveniently happened to also be a gingerbread house making party. So together,… Continue reading #98: Make A Gingerbread House