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#39: Try on beautiful dresses with friends

When I wrote this list item, I imagined a few girlfriends and myself venturing into some boutique, where we do not belong (pretty woman style) and trying on all these great gowns. The only difference between us and Julia Roberts is that we wouldn't actually buy everything on some millionaire's credit card. Oh, and we… Continue reading #39: Try on beautiful dresses with friends

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M. E. Photography Portfolio {#7}

Ok, so I know I've been a little quiet over here, but GUESS WHAT? I am finally putting my photoshoots into one easily accessable location... A¬†PORTFOLIO. What a concept. Crazy, I know. I put about 5 seconds of thought into what I should call it. I love my Megster Meter covername, but it just didn't… Continue reading M. E. Photography Portfolio {#7}