Toddler Summer Water Essentials

Can I just start by saying that summer with a 20-month-old is FAR SUPERIOR to summer with an 8-month-old?? I was so looking forward to this summer that I bought Charlotte some new swim gear like, MONTHS ago. Just had to share a few items with you that I have already completely loved. Links are affiliate links.

First, this sprinkler pad off of Amazon (thanks grandpa & nonna!). While I’m all about a good old fashioned sprinkler, and Charlotte loves it too, she LOVED playing in this new contraption with her cousins over the weekend. I mean, it’s basically a tiny pool that I can hook up to the hose in the yard, drain easily, and fold up and put away. And it doesn’t get all gross like a plastic kids tub! HECK YES.

Second, water shoes (seen in all of these pictures). Yes, any fun-loving kid can and will certainly run around the yard barefoot, but my little lady happens to LOVE shoes. All shoes. She walks around with them on her feet and another pair in her hands saying, “shoes? shoes? shoes” and so I was pretty confident she would wear these. I love them because I’m not worried about little sticks in the yard or stubbed toes at the pool.

Pool day!

Last, my dermatologist scared the living daylights out of me when it comes to my baby’s skin. Of course, I heavily sunscreen her, but I also bought this adorable long sleeve swim suit from Old Navy. The doc suggested long pants too but I just couldn’t do it. So for now, this will definitely protect those porcelain little arms of hers.

I have also purchased a puddle jumper, but have yet to try it out! What am I missing? Any other fun pool time essentials you just love??

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