Life As I Know It

A Frasier Party {Quiche Lorraine}

Yes, over the past year or so, my hubs and I have watched the ENTIRETY of Frasier – that is, 11 seasons, 24 episodes each, running around 21 minutes a piece. I’m not going to calculate the amount of time we invested, thank you very much. But last weekend, as the series was coming to an end for us, I decided we needed just a touch of “Frasier” to celebrate with…

And so I scoured my favorite episodes for a delicious – but not TOO fancy – meal idea. Of course, we had wine in a nice decanter with our smaller, nicer wine glasses. We also had a simple cheese and cracker appetizer platter. BUT THEN, I made a quiche lorraine. Why, you ask?

Nerd alert. If you have a few minutes, go ahead and watch this whole clip…but if you just have a moment, start at minute 5:25 and just give it a minute…

Anyway, it was such a pleasant little date night in!

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