Traveling Chick

New Orleans {First-Timer}

I work in a field where I am fortunate to travel about once a month, just for a night or two. And this week I had a chance to visit New Orleans for the first time! Given that it was a work trip, my time was limited, and my priority was NOT Bourbon Street, but I did get a chance to walk around and enjoy two really beautiful days (hence the radio silence here on the blog). My accomplishments included:

  • Eating all of the things: gumbo, fresh redfish, beignets, and cafe au lait;
  • Staring at the beautiful buildings (and thinking how much prettier they would be without all of the neon signs of Bourbon St);
  • Walking by the St. Louis Cathedral, and sitting in the shade to watch some kids run around;
  • Buying pralines to bring home to Nashville.

I took a few architecture snaps (below) but really spent my free time unplugging a bit!

What are some of your favorite cities for a quick visit?

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