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Lily and the Octopus {Book Review}

Oh you guys, what a sweet story this is! Having a dachshund myself, I really related to some of the details of this particular pet story. Purchase through amazon, or rent it from your library! (Links are affiliate links.)

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I love the incredibly adventurous way the author shares his journey. There are a few flashbacks to when he first gets his pup, Lily, and the ups and downs of their 12 years together. My favorite is their weekly routine – pizza on Sundays, Monopoly on Fridays, talking about “boys they think are cute” on Thursdays. It captures the true joy of having a furbaby in your life.

The one downside – not quite a downside, but more of a warning – it is a story of learning to mourn when that pet is inevitable coming to the end of its life. Just know you may shed a few tears. So if you’re up for it, definitely give this sweet story a read!

P.S. If you are into audiobooks, Michael Urie does an exceptional job on this one.

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