Daily Notes

Liberty Jigsaw Puzzles

You know how they say to “do the things that make you lose track of time?” I have three activities in which I really can lose track of time:

  1. Playing piano.
  2. Reading a great book.

And with Mother’s Day around the corner, I’m remembering how my husband won Mother’s Day last year (my first one, mind you) with this personalized puzzle from Liberty Puzzles.

If you are a puzzle lover, you MUST check out Liberty. Their puzzles, made in Boulder, CO, are beautiful works of art. They do come at a price, but have a solid resale value via Ebay. Made with wood, they will hold up over a long time. Each piece has its own design. Here are a few close ups from mine:

You guys, some of their puzzles DO NOT EVEN HAVE EDGES. Can you even??

Octopus - Liberty Puzzles - 11

All this to say, if you have someone in your life who loves puzzles, Liberty seems like a great place to shop for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, birthdays, and Tuesdays. We all know Tuesdays need a puzzle more than anything.

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