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Music Class for Toddlers

When I tell people that we’ve started bringing Charlotte to music class (she is 18-months-old), a lot of people ask… “and what do they do at that age in music class?” So I’m here to tell you – I love it for her! This class is specifically for children under about 4-years-old, with Tenn Little Birds music here in Nashville. She has also shown an inclination towards music, always singing and dancing to EVERYTHING including random cell phone ringtones or doorbell chimes. Plus, this girl is extremely active and busy all the time.

As any toddler parent knows, it’s REALLY NICE to have something scheduled on a weekly basis to go do together outside of the house. For us, a Saturday morning activity is a blessing. When she was around 9-months-old, we did a baby swim class at the YMCA, and it was really helpful for me to learn how to handle her in the water. Now, it’s music class. And I look forward to it!

Every class starts with a “hello” song… why sit in a circle when you can sit in THE circle?

Before class: Once we paid tuition, we received access to an app that has a ton of songs on it, a music book, and an informational book for parents. I’ve been playing these songs in the car so Charlotte starts to get the hang of them. The teacher also said that when students have fun with the songs in class, and then hear them again later, they start to associate that fun time with the song.

What to expect: The moms, dads, and/or caregivers in the room sit in a circle. Most normal children who are not used to this sort of classroom setting sit in their parents laps until they warm up. My girl runs around the room in her true extroverted self. It’s ALL encouraged. For 45 minutes, our amazing instructor leads the group in song, complete with motions, instruments, and movement around the room.

Every class ends with a lullaby…here you can see Charlotte in the dark purple shirt and you can tell she is very ready to go home and nap 🙂

I’ll admit, the first week we had a few tantrums. But once we got those out the way, the next few weeks have started going really well. She loves dancing, and LOVES shakers. She sits in ALL the other parents’ laps, except for mine. She wants to be held by other moms, but rarely me. And you know, all in all, I’m happy about it – she’s acclimated well and having a great time learning music!

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