Pumpkin First Birthday Party

As a fall baby myself, I have been smitten with the idea of my daughter’s future birthday parties ever since I found out she would be born in October. Someday, I know there will be apple bobbing, pumpkin carving, costumes, and haunted houses. But for her first birthday party, which was pretty much just our family, I wanted a sweet pumpkin theme with gold and pink!

I really wanted to keep this simple and not go all out, but I DID splurge on a few things, including that cake! Remember the “Oh The Places You’ll Go” cake? Well, same friend made this one. And yes, this was totally for ME more than CHARLOTTE, but I loved it!!

I also ordered a “one” outfit, complete with tutu, a crown, a complete party decor package, and even a little special confetti for the tables. Links are affiliate links.

Here is what our birthday party invitation looked like! I ordered the digital image on Etsy, then had them printed up. This is just the shop’s example image:

I also made a banner of Charlotte’s monthly pictures, from newborn all the way through 1-year-old. All I needed for this was printed photos, twine, and some small clothespins. I LOVED how this turned out. You can see it in these photos, hanging across the window with her “happy birthday” banner!

I’ve had people actually ask me if I can provide a “checklist” of how to plan a kid’s birthday party, so here it is!

  • Make a guest list – just family? family and friends?
  • Set the date, time, location – are you renting a space? Make sure to find out what’s included, and make a list of what you’ll need to provide yourself.
  • I suggest Evite or Paperless Post for online invitations. If you want something a little extra special, check out etsy! Here are the invites we used.
  • Send paper invites about 5-6 weeks out, or email invites about 4 weeks out.
  • Purchase everything you need well in advance, just in case you don’t like something you ordered, or it doesn’t show up on time. You can keep this simple or go all out – think streamers, balloons, party favors, tablecloths, paper plates, cups, utensils, special ordered cake, catering… anything that can be done way ahead, do it!
  • I ordered washable paint and brushes, and then the week before just purchased some small, inexpensive pumpkins from Home Depot for Charlotte’s cousins to paint outside. Easy project!
  • Plan your food out. We really just did hamburgers, hot dogs, and all the fun sides that everyone knows and loves.
  • The week of: Decorate a few days ahead of time, grocery shop, and put as much out the night before as you can! Have a great time and try to soak up all the sweet moments!

I hope you love your presents THIS MUCH!!

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