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Station Eleven {Book Review}

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How about something I’ve read lately for myself, and not just for my kiddo? Well, I just finished reading Station Eleven, and really loved it. Yes, I am into post-apocalyptic movies and books, but I think you could like this even if that isn’t your typical jam.

The basic premise is that approximately 99% of the earth’s population dies in a flu pandemic that hits fast and hard. The only survivors are those who happen to be immune, and others who managed to hunker down and wait it out for several weeks. So time jumps around – from when it’s first happening, to 10, 20, 30 years later, and back around while following a handful of main characters.

Really, it’s the same dilemma I love about the walking dead – it’s not zombies and gore but rather the way humans come together and divide. How society rebuilds or crumbles apart. How the kids don’t remember “the old world” but the older characters do, and how that breaks them down. It fascinated me because it felt incredibly realistic, that the world could more or less fall apart with a pandemic.

Have you read it? What did you think? Maybe I’m just a sucker, but I thought the writing was on point! Happy Friday, y’all!

1 thought on “Station Eleven {Book Review}”

  1. Yes I just finished reading it the other week and thought it was a subtle thought-provoking book. It wasn’t an easy read, but it wasn’t without hope either. I have discovered that it made more of an impression on me than I realised at the time. I have found myself thinking about the overall scenario and the characters more than once since finishing it. The novel reminded me of some of Margaret Atwood’s work.


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