Backyard Photo Shoots

Who doesn’t love taking one million photos of their new baby? But taking professional photos frequently can get pricey. I just wanted to share with you two photo shoots I did of my daughter when she was around six months old.

The first was her mirror session. A mirror makes a GREAT accessory in any photo shoot! In this case, I brought our full length mirror out to our backyard, and let her go to town. You could also lean a smaller mirror on the trunk of a tree, a fence, or even let her hold it. You’ll also see my childhood wooden handheld mirror in some of these pictures.

I did another session around Easter time, 2018, not long after mirror pictures. It was a bit too sunny, but they still turned out sweet. I love these so much, especially since this was one year after announcing our pregnancy on Easter!

Here is our pregnancy announcement from 2017 – so you can see, I just HAD to incorporate an orange egg into her Easter photos!

I repeat, this is from 2017 – THIS IS NOT A NEW ANNOUNCEMENT.

What else have you done to take great pictures at home?

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