Meet Charlotte Ruth

I love love LOVE hearing a good birth story. But…this is not that post. Sorry! The long and short of my birth story is that I got induced, said yes to all the drugs, and then delivered this miracle weighing in at 8 lbs, 9 oz, on 10/18/17. I am grateful every day that she is healthy and seems to be adapting to life pretty splendidly.

5 months old

This blog will not solely be about being a mom, but I’d be lying if I said it isn’t going to come up pretty often. But today, I truly just want you to meet her! She spends her 8-5 in our neighborhood at the home of an angel-sent-from-God caregiver, along with a handful of little buddies. There, she is learning to make friends, sing and dance, and generally how to be a kid. Here’s a quick collection of the pictures that melt my heart.

And now, at 16 months old!

As of writing this post, she has recently learned how to REALLY walk and even run a bit. She kisses your face by opening wide and giving a big lick. She loves pillow fights and dancing and reading books. She REALLY loves berries – like they-are-going-extinct sort of love. And she has two parents who enjoy the work they do and who are trying really hard to raise a good person.

You’ll see her show up on this blog and on instagram, usually under the name of #CRRtheBabe.

I’ll leave you with this unfiltered snapshot of how we all feel about Mondays.

3 thoughts on “Meet Charlotte Ruth”

  1. You have such a talent for writing, Meghan. Thanks for sharing it with us. What a wonderful time in your life! Enjoy every precious moment!!!


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