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We Bought A House!

It’s true! We bought a house and I’m still freaking out about it a little.

IMG_8500For those who are interested, it is in the Inglewood neighborhood of East Nashville – the location is exactly what we wanted. And for those of you REALLY paying attention, yes, this means we are moving from Columbus back to Nashville very soon. More on that in another post (sorry, I like to string your emotions along…) It was built in 1949, and the original owners lived in it, raising their family, until they passed away about 1 1/2 years ago. It sat empty (well, full of stuff, but without residents) that whole time.

There are many 1950s and 1970s updates in the house…from wallpaper to wood paneling to carpet covering beautiful wood floors. We are working on doing some of the bigger updates immediately, and my sweet hubby has already been knee-deep in demo (or should I say elbow-deep in insulation?). As one might expect, there have already been a few hiccups, but I know we will love our cozy little home once we get settled in. Of course we would have loved to buy a home that was already updated and finished, but the housing market in Nashville is RIDICULOUS, and there were bidding wars, resulting in homes being purchased well over asking price. We were really fortunate to find out about this one before it was on the market, and to buy it for what we think was a fair price.

Immediate projects include:

  • Gutting and redoing the kitchen
  • Tearing out wood paneling and insulation
  • Leveling out a very unlevel floor in one room (I KNOW, RIGHT?)
  • Rewiring the electrical in most of the house
  • Tearing down one small wall
  • Tearing out carpet
  • Painting every room

Future projects will include:

  • Painting the outside brick of the house
  • Updating the bathrooms
  • Building a deck
  • And I’m sure a ton of other things I have yet to think of…

Tips for staying sane? Anyone? I’ll share before and after pictures once we get to a point where there are “after pictures.” In the meantime, I am accepting prayers.

1 thought on “We Bought A House!”

  1. It is so exciting and SO stressful. I think it’s up there with divorce and death – eek!!
    But it’s stress for a good cause. Close your eyes and visualise the end result is my advice. Enjoy the ride too x


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