Commencement Weekend!

I cannot BELIEVE it’s been two years since THIS HAPPENED

Screen shot 2013-04-09 at 9.58.48 PM

And we moved to Columbus. And now, this weekend, the hubs will graduate from his Master’s program.

As I’ve mentioned on the blog before, we have had SO much happen in two years. We quit jobs, got new jobs, moved, got married, got a dog, got another new job, and now here we go with a big ol’ commencement. I’m really not sure what’s next in the pipeline for us, but I definitely don’t feel worried about it. God has moved each of us from one phase to the next, and He has never given us anything we cannot handle.

Mostly, I am SO PROUD of my hubster and how hard he has worked these two years, and I can’t wait to celebrate him this weekend!

And also, I bought these m&ms… and yes that is his little baby picture on some of them… I know, right?

IMG_7469 (1)

One thought on “Commencement Weekend!

  1. I hope he appreciates, you and all you do for him ( I think he does )
    you two were made for each other…
    have a great weekend
    whish you both the best
    Love you both. ….

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