Guys, I’m practically a real bowler.

The other night the hubs and I bowled seven – yes seven – games. Why? Because! Because why not.

Generally, I’m a pretty awful bowler. Senior year of high school, in our joke of a PE class, we had three week “units,” one of which was bowling. Every day for three weeks we got on a school bus and went down the street to the bowling alley we all had our 8th birthday parties at and bowled. It was actually kind of cool – I learned about scoring (some of which I have since forgotten) and our teacher even tried to teach me proper form, so I’d stop bowling the ball as if I was swinging a softball bat, across my body. Good times.


Anyway, the hubs and I have bowled on occasion, but this time he actually helped me focus and improve a bit. And in ONE of our seven games, I scored a 121! Woot!! I’m pretty sure my best ever was a 130-something during that three-week crash course in high school.

Anyway, it was really a fun, chill two hours together. And yes, my hand is still sore and my thumbnail got ripped off as it always does when I bowl. Cheers!


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