Columbus Adventures

Franklin Park Conservatory

With Katy in town over the weekend, I wanted to do something new in Columbus. I had been told to visit the Franklin Park Conservatory sometime, so it seemed like the right time!

Overall, the conservatory was beautiful. The tulips were still hanging on. I have a fascination with Bonsai trees ever since the hubs and I watched a video on how they are made. And the CHIHULY in this place is AMAZING. That alone was worth the $13 admission. It’s in among the plants throughout the whole place. It’s even sitting on glass plates on the ceilings in some places. Really beautiful. I may or may not be currently rapping/singing in my head… “Chihuly in the ceiliiiiing! Chihuly in the plants! Chihuly in the trees! Chihuly in the tulips!” It doesn’t rhyme but humor me here.

BUT I will say that the current “Butterflies” exhibit was a bit of a disappointment. Maybe they are all dying because it’s near the end, but we really saw like, five butterflies. Nothing like the butterflies Mom and I saw at the Chattanooga Aquarium a few years back.

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