What’s your perfect routine day?

When you ask someone what their perfect day would be, it’s usually full of travels and beaches and food and all that good stuff. I am RIGHT there with you. But lately I’ve been thinking about what my perfect routine would be. If I could work and do life on my own schedule, what would it look like? I can’t explain why, but felt the need to share today.

7:00 – Wake up, drink coffee, have a pre-workout breakfast, and watch GMA 🙂

8:00 – Work out! And take my time doing it.

9:00 – Home to get showered and ready for the day.

10:00-3:00 – Work. I will always want to work some. I think five hours a day would be PERFECT.

3:00 Errands, chores, volunteering, dinner prep, and someday probably picking up kids from school!

7:00 and beyond – Dinner and fun with my family and friends. Long walks. Games. Reading. Decent bed time around 10:30.

Please share yours! What’s your ideal??

Also, a photo to make you smile. Happy Wednesday!


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