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Let’s Talk About the Bachelor

I don’t usually talk about it on here, but I think it’s time. The Bachelor. Ohhhh the silliness. Over the years, I’ve watched the Bach on and off. But lately, it’s been more consistent…I mean, who can turn down wine and snacks with girlfriends every Monday night with an endless supply of tv personalities to feed our gossipy chatter?

All this to say, I’m a fan of Chris Soules. But he’s a little boring. I think we all know now that if the bachelor is beloved by fans, he’s probably boring. And if he’s hated, he’s more entertaining and dramatic. Not much of a happy medium…why can’t someone be loveable AND exciting?! Just not going to happen.

In addition to being a little boring in personality, the show locations were SO BORING. I love seeing all the exotic places they get to travel to. This season, there was hardly any of that. And there was a LOT of Iowa. I guess it makes sense for a boring farmer like Chris, but SNOOZE. Show me the PRETTY PLACES!!

On par with the rest of the season, the finale was a bit boring too. But I like Whitney, and I like Chris, and I honestly hope they are one of the Bach couples that survives.

And I think all the producers realized, “Hey, this season was pretty boring. Let’s do something crazy and stupid for the next season of the Bachelorette.” And so, in case you missed it, there are going to be TWO BACHELORETTES. Even the live audience was pretty stunned. Their applause indicated that they preferred Kaitlyn, just like most people who just watched this season. So why on earth are they adding Brit to the mix is beyond me. I’d say this pretty much sums up how confusing this all is:

So from most boring season ever, to strangest premise yet, I’m pumped to spend summer Monday evenings with the ladies watching this fiasco. Cheers!!

2 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About the Bachelor”

    1. I think if guys are looking for a real, fun relationship, they’ll pick Kaitlyn…but it all depends on what their motivations really are!!


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