My friend Katy has been testing out Plated and Stitch Fix and all these cool little companies. So when I got an invite to get my first box free with Graze, I was intrigued. First of all, each box is only like, $6 anyway, so I can see myself actually paying for this now and then. Second of all, you can choose how often you want boxes and even mark preferences for what you want in them. Last… #snacks. Who doesn’t love ALL OF THE DELICIOUS SNACKS?!


I confess, I dove into my snacks before even bothering to take a photo…OOPS! But you get the picture. Healthy little treats delivered to your door. Happy Tuesday to me, indeed!

Want to try your first box free? Here’s my referral code – JNHRRN9HP. Don’t forget, you can cancel anytime. You can get yourself one free box and then quit. Or you can just skip boxes until you feel like getting one. All in all, it makes my heart and tummy very very happy!!

If you order it, let me know what you think…I’ve already loved the 1/2 box that I’ve eaten!


DO IT! You know your taste buds want to…


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