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Half Way {Whole30}

As I may have mentioned, during this Whole30 I’m trying to pay less attention to the actual number of days. While I don’t think it’s realistic for almost anyone to maintain this sort of lifestyle, there are parts of it that I want to do a better job incorporating to my life moving forward than I did last time. I’m literally mentally making myself think, “No big deal. Ain’t no thang. AIN’T. NO. THANG.” And truly, it hasn’t been a big deal, save one or two times I might have really enjoyed a glass of wine or some popcorn.

But I realized today is Day 15, so I’m giving myself a little mental high five. Feeling good! Feeling rested. Feeling proud of my choices. Feeling probably about 5 lbs lighter. Feeling focused on more important things than food. But if you’re thinking about food, check out my Recipe Box for some new ideas.

The new recipes I’ve posted about this Whole30…

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