Paleo Sticky Shrimp

Guess whaaaaaaatttt?

I’m finally, officially, committedly, doing another Whole30. A few things are a little different this time. One is that I’ve continued to eat breakfasts and occasional other meals in a “Whole30” style. I think already this has made the transition easier. I also am trying not to think “I’m on day 3!” or whatever day, because I really do want to make this a lifestyle change this time. No, I will not live a Whole30 life, but I do want to try to remain 85% or 90% grain and sugar free after this is over, since I believe those are the food groups that hurt me the most. So basically, I’m doing a Whole30 and trying not think about it too much.

However, this does mean I will continue to try new paleo recipes and share them with you here…

photo 1

So, I made this recipe from Worthy Cooking, and it was good, but not GREAT. However, I think this is my fault…

These shrimp are seasoned, and then lightly dredged. The recipe calls for arrowroot or tapioca starch, but the only starch I had on hand was potato starch. I’m not sure if this really made a difference or not. However, I’m pretty sure the oil I used did. The recipe calls for ghee, coconut oil, or bacon fat. I had none of these on hand so used a little olive oil instead. I can see that this would probably have a lot more flavor if I had used any of the suggested fats. PLUS I don’t think I let the pan get quite hot enough, so when I laid the shrimp in, they soaked in some oil before they had a chance to really sear. Lessons learned, folks, LESSONS LEARNED.

But hey, it’s pretty hard to screw up shrimp. They still tasted pretty good, and I had them with a side of thinly sliced and baked sweet potato and some steamed broccoli. I ate a LOT of shrimp, so was quite satisfied 🙂

Happy Whole 30ing!!

4 thoughts on “Paleo Sticky Shrimp

  1. That’s so funny, I made this last night! I skipped the step of dredging them all together and instead just mixed the shrimp in the spices and cooked them in avocado oil. I’d agree though, it was good but not great.

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