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The Escape Game *Nashville*


While visiting Nashville over New Years, me + the hubster + sister-in-law + her hubster + hubster’s best friend + his wifey all got together to attempt The Escape Game.

It. Was. Awesome.

For the record, we did not escape. BUT we were in the hardest room (The Heist) which only has a 27% escape rate…


The best way I can explain it is that it’s like the movie Saw (tons of clues you have to piece together for a specific end-goal), but it’s not scary. You have one hour to escape the room. I’d like to think we were a group of six highly educated adults, but we were only sort of kind of close to getting out. But we had a blast doing it!!

Next time, another room. This would be so fun for a girls night, a birthday, an office outing…pretty much anything!

In-laws in the middle, friends on the outside. BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE!
That’s us! Party of 2.


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