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One Second Everyday

In July, I discovered what was soon to be one of my favorite apps of 2014. One Second Everyday. (Almost) every day, I took little videos of my surroundings, starting July 24. Some days it was just the TV show I was watching, or my puppy, or my dinner, or whatever. But that’s just my life…not always terribly exciting! But I really had fun piecing it together over time.

Locations in this video include: Columbus, San Francisco, Nashville, Orlando, Negril, Atlanta, Chicago, Savannah, Tampa, Sarasota, Lexington, and Milwaukee.

And one more note. While the very last shot – over midnight on new year’s – may be a tad quick, I want to point out that while our cousin said “Happy New Year!” his very pregnant wife said, “He kicked!” about the sweet baby in her belly. Kind of a cool way to ring in the year!

More of these videos to come in the future…I hope you enjoyed my little life video.

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