Life As I Know It

Happy 2015!

I hope everyone had a fun and safe time ringing in another new year. 2014 was exactly as I hoped it would be – free of very much change. 2013 brought SO MUCH CHANGE that I started 2014 hoping for some routine. Other than getting our puppy Ryman on January 2, and then me starting a new job on December 15, not a lot of major change came our way this year, which is A-OKAY BY ME!

The year did bring a lot of travel, both for work and for fun, several weddings, more grad school completed for my husband, and more settling into our life in Columbus. I don’t have any new resolutions, but will definitely try to focus more on my 30 before 30 list, since there are only about nine months left!! Yikes.

My hopes for 2015 is that my husband finds a job he loves (after successfully graduating from grad school, of course), that I continue to grow in my new position, that we do not worry about our next steps, and that we truly enjoy this year of turning 30. I don’t know when we will have kids, but this is very possibly the last year without them, and I truly hope we can continue to improve our health and happiness in the meantime.

Come back tomorrow for a fun little project I’ve been waiting to share with you! Have a wonderful Monday!!



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