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Cardio Mania Month {On Fitness Goals}

If you read my blog like, ever, you’ll know that I TRY really hard to have a healthy life. I make healthy meals (but also cupcakes) and I workout (but also netflix). I probably read too many blogs of these hardcore women who lift weights like a beast and compete several times a year. Compared to them, I’m CRAZY inconsistent. They have intense goals, and have to be extremely disciplined to reach them. We all have our priorities.

photo (30)

So let’s talk about goals.

I don’t play a sport. I have no plans to compete. I’m at a pretty comfy weight (though can pretty much always afford to lose 10 pounds or so). I’m healthy (seriously, my good cholesterol is through the roof and all my “bad” numbers are crazy low). So what goals do I set to keep me moving? Because “not getting fat” is not really a goal. I mean, kind of, but not.

I’ve started to realize that what works for me is constantly changing it up. I sometimes feel that I jump from plan to plan (8-weeks of this, one month of that), but you know what? That works for me! It’s okay that I don’t go 52 weeks a year with a leg day, a back/bi day, a chest/tri day, a shoulder day…etc. OH MAN I could not do that. Instead, I commit to different plans for a certain period of time. And while I’m far from crazy athletic, it helps keep me motivated, and I sincerely LOVE working out because of it.

So all this takes me to my point. This month, I’m doing MAJOR CARDIO. I love lifting weights, but lately was feeling a little, well, puffy, which usually means I’ve put on a solid 10 lbs or so, and NOT of lean muscle mass. Basically, as I got more into weight lifting, I let cardio slide away. And let’s be real – I do not eat consistently lean enough to totally take cardio out of my regiment.

This month, along with a few friends, I’m following a “triathalon” plan. Don’t freak out – it’s not a real tri. The goal is to essentially complete a triathalon throughout the course of the month – run, bike, and swim (well, row) enough to equal one tri. So that’s 26.2 miles of running (or walking, or elliptical, etc), 112 miles of cycling, and 16,000 meter of rowing.

Here’s a glimpse of the blank form I’ve been using to track what I accomplish:

tri tracking

And I’ve actually really liked it! I mean, not the running part, but I feel great once I’m finished of course. And I seriously had forgotten how much I loved spin classes – plus they knock out 17 miles of biking a piece.

Next month, it’s on to the next thing. Time to get back into weights. I plan to do Bite Sized Fitness’s 12-week challenge. Offers more variety than doing it on my own!! Anyone want to start with me on October 1?

Good times had by all! If you read all this, you deserve a prize!!

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