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Guys, so I’ve read about these for a while (a girl I follow in instagram is obsessed), but I finally got one and IT IS EVERYTHING AND MORE THAN I EVER HOPED FOR. Let’s face it, who doesn’t love a delicious, decadent drink from starbucks. But who feels guilty for the amount of calories and sugar they come with? (hand raised.) And who has been trying to cut dairy and soy out of their diet, leaving no other milk option? (hand raised. seriously – get almond milk, people!)


Blendicano + egg white feta wrap (my FAVE on the go breakfast)

Listen closely:

It is a blended americano. If that means nothing to you, follow me here. An americano is espresso + hot water (essentially taking European espresso and appeasing us Americans, who are always wanting bigger portions, by adding hot water). An iced americano is an americano on ice. A blendicano is a blended, iced americano. So just espresso, water, and ice. NO BASE. Many starbucks have gotten the hang of this now, but many have not. When you order, just be VERY NICE and ask if you can get a blended americano. (Go venti. Worth it.) Also, I’m generally not into artificial sweeteners, but the one pictured above has sugar-free caramel syrup added, making it EXTRA AMAZING. Knowing me, I think I would enjoy this drink plain though, just because I love the taste of icy, frothy coffee so much.

Guys, this has like, probably, 25 calories. No fat. No sugar (unless you add it so be careful!!). AND IT’S AMAZING.


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