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Whole 30 {Round Two}

I promise to post less about it this time around, but on September 1 (Labor Day) I began my second Whole 30. Ever since completing the first one, I knew it would be something I would want to do again. Inevitably, over the last six months, I slipped back into old habits. But what’s done is done, and now I want to feel how I felt during Whole 30!

Some things that are different this time:

First, the hubster is doing it with me. He already eats pretty healthy and is very thin, but we all have those bad habits we want to kick somehow. So I hope he can get something rewarding out of it. ALSO, my lovely lady friend Kate up in Wisconsin is doing it as well! For the record, she totally made fun of me the first time so I’m very much looking forward to saying, “I told you so.”

Second, I really didn’t work out during the first one. This time, I plan to continue working out. In fact, I’m doing one of those plans this month where you “complete a triathalon” over the course of a month (Run 26.2 mi, cycle 112 mi, and row (instead of swim) 16,000 meters). I’ve been majorly slacking on cardio, so my plan is to do this cardio blitz, with some strength training, and then REALLY dive back into strength in October.

Last, recently, the folks over at Whole 30 decided that potatoes are okay to add in as well. Previously, sweet potatoes and yams and such were fine, but not white potatoes. Now, I’m really looking forward to the occasional baked potato or boiled red potatoes – just no french fries, people!!

Maybe you aren’t ready to make these big changes. Maybe you are making fun of me like Kate did. But if you have that little tug of “I want to do SOMETHING” just try to start eating more REAL FOOD. Check out the Whole 30 rules and pick a few things for yourself to stick to. Make some small promises to yourself, and stick with them. More will come with time!!

Let me know if you’re doing (or thinking of doing) a Whole 30. I would love to support you!



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