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A Lovely Little Story About Cake


Our wedding cake was AWESOME. It was from the hubster’s favorite bakery in Nashville, Sweet and Sassy. Biggest layer was chocolate, middle was strawberry (hubster’s absolute favorite), and the top was almond. And you just cannot beat their buttercream. YUM TIMES A MILLION.

Well, we didn’t save our wedding top (we surprised our family the night after the wedding by showing up with it at the restaurant where they were all having diner). So I tried to think of a million different ways I could have Sweet and Sassy make us a strawberry cake and get it to Columbus without my husband knowing. I couldn’t think of a way, so I decided to make him a strawberry cake instead. It turned out so-so (more on this later), but hey, I tried.

When I went to pick him up at the airport the night before our anniversary (he’s in Nashville for a summer internship) he walked out of the airport with a cake box!! Not only had he had them make us a strawberry cake, but he had them decorate it just like our wedding cake, and then he FLEW with it. I mean, that is love. Sweet, delicious love.

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