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Flip Belt Review

If you workout like, at all, you need to get a flip belt. For real. Not kidding.

I randomly discovered it online a month or two ago, and send the website along to my husband as a “hint hint wink wink.” Then last week, when I was having a bad week, one suddenly appeared in the mail! BEST HUBBY EVER!!

photo 1

How it works: Insert your goodies (phone, keys, money, what have you), flip it around, and go about your workout.

So obviously, I’ve been testing it out. And I LOVE it. Here’s why.

1. Looks like your waistband. Just pop this sucker on with any pants or shorts, and it blends right in. I’m usually in long tshirts anyway so you can’t see it, but still, it’s fashionable-ish.

photo 5

Yep, that’s my crotch shot. Sorry.

2. No bounce. The first thing I was wondering is, what about when I run? If I have my phone and stuff in there, will it bounce? NO people, it does NOT bounce. It is MAGIC. Basically, anything you put in it is flat to your body, avoiding what I would like to call “fanny pack syndrome.”

3. Security. If I’m just meandering around the gym, I generally just have my phone shoved in here since everything else is in a locker. And since I actually use my phone to track my workout reps, weights, etc, I need easy access. Therefore, during these types of workouts, I don’t even flip it, and my phone stays in there just fine and I’m still able to access it easily. However, for running, I just turn on my music, stick my phone, key, and whatever else I may need in there, and flip that sucker around. Literally. Nothing. Moves. It’s awesome.

4. True to size. I ordered a small (my waist measurement is 27″) and it’s a perfect fit. And, even better, it doesn’t give me any extra muffin top like you may think it would. Trust the size chart. It is truth.

Here’s a much hotter model for you from the website:



All this to say, if you find yourself not knowing what to do with your stuff, or you’re sick of that stupid arm band for your phone that is so ridiculously uncomfortable, this little gadget is well worth the price. Happy exercising!

Disclaimer: I didn’t get anything free for writing this. Oh, if only I was popular enough for people to send me free stuff to review. Le sigh.

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