Daily Notes

My love for Kevin Spacey is for real

And if yours isn’t, then you are crazy.

Because I love him so, it surprised me that I did not in fact see the following video until my recent visit to Atlanta, when Katy shared this little gem with me. Now if you don’t know the Jason Derulo song Talk Dirty To Me (*ahem* mom and dad), you might want to listen to it first, if only for a second, in order to truly appreciate what you are about to see.

It also doesn’t hurt that Kevin’s most recent and perhaps well-known role is that of a ruthless politician, which is basically 180 MILLION degrees different from this (I know I know, anything over than 360 is just spinning in circles, but you get my point). Since this video is about a month old and has already had over 4.8 million views (that’s a real number) on youtube, you’ve probably already seen it. But I keep watching it over and over, and it makes me very happy on this Friday.


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