Wistfully Whimsical Wishlist

Minty Favorites

There are a few colors I’ve been really into, but mint might be the favorite among them. Here are a few of my recent favs! Click each image to be directed to its original page.

First of all, this adorable necklace from Tiny Hands is SCENTED! And, did I mention, adorable? I would wear it forever except then I would probably eat more ice cream than I already do.


Who doesn’t love chevron these days? I’m loving this sweet little dress from Style Gather.


Oh hey, J Crew! I don’t always love your stuff these days, but this belt would go with oh so many things… yes please!

Jcrew Belt

Of course, a tote. I somewhat desperately need one, and this non-neutral from Robert Matthew Fashion would go with just about anything.


Gotta represent my favorite store – the good ol’ Banana. These soft wash shirts are SO COMFORTABLE and I love it in this color. Can you say summer, or what?


Last but not least, I would love this bathing suit from Victoria’s Secret for my delayed honeymoon coming up in August. However, I’m not so sure it would look quite like this on me… mostly because I’m pasty, of course. Not at all because I’m a perfectly normal, curvy size 6…


And that’s a wrap. Do you have a favorite summer color this year?

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