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The Angry Bear Kitchen

One of the most fun things about being in a new city is trying new restaurants, obviously. But even after not even a year here, I find that we keep going back to some of our favorites, also obviously. So in an attempt to try some new places, we went to a brand new spot in our neighborhood called the Angry Bear Kitchen.


Here’s a little article from Columbus Underground:

And I gotta say, I really loved it! We didn’t have anything with this nice of an atmosphere in our neighborhood before – we’re kind of in a gentrified neck of the woods. We just sat at the bar and had some wine and mussels (some of the best I’ve had, honestly). I enjoyed the bar tender, and I’d love to go back to try some other dishes. The menu isn’t posted online, but it’s uniquely creative. I look forward to exercising my taste buds there! If you’re in Columbus, go check it out.


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