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Clean Eating + The Easiest Pancakes EVER

So, upon completeing my Whole30 (which left me feeling THE BEST EVER), I was totally all like “I’m totally going to eat CLEAN like this ALL the time, and just cheat once in a while when out with friends or wanting a bit of sweets. Hooray me!”

And if I had to sum up my clean eating success since my Whole30 in just two words, they would be:


Okay so, not total failure, but OMG when Easter came, so did sweets, and that really put me over the edge. It didn’t help that I made these. And THEN I made THESE. Ugh, what was I thinking. So last week was a total sweets fest, and let me just say I can feel it. Now I’m trying to find the balance. Almost no one can live 100% of the time on Whole30, or really even paleo, but I tend to be a little…binge-y, if that’s a word. I’m learning that I’m better at abstaining than I am at moderation. So I need to work on the moderation thing.

The last few days though, I’ve eaten pretty clean, without overthinking it. My goal is just to feel good consistently, and find the balance where I’m not only feeling good, but feeling confident and happy with myself! We should all feel happy with ourselves! And most the time, I honestly do. But if I can feel even BETTER, then why not?

photo 4

So have y’all seen the “egg and banana” pancakes on pinterest? They are everywhere. I was pretty skeptical, but I happened to have one very ripe banana on hand over the weekend, so I went for it. Not only was this easy, but it was actually QUITE tasty. Mash (and I mean, pulverize) a banana and an egg together. Add a hefty dose of cinnamon as well. Fry these suckers up just like pancakes, and VOILA! I drizzled a bit of Sun Butter on mine (it’s my absolute favorite non-peanut butter). Here’s a close up with a beautifully fried egg…

photo 3

And for dinner the other night, I made some pork chops on my grill top pan, along with mashed cauliflower and kale chips. It might look bland, but this is definitely one of my favorite clean meals – simple, warm, cozy, and filling. It’s clean comfort food!

photo 1 photo 2

Are you on a clean eating journey? How’s it going?

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