Cupcake Cake Bites

CAKE BITES!! It’s been a while, I know. I really have fun making these – I’ve made giant bites, golden bites, music bites, ice cream bites, santa bites, football bites, baby shower bites, and now…

CUPCAKE CAKE BITES. They are not perfect. They are not all the same size. But this is what happens when you try something for the first time – you learn some stuff, and next time, they will just look even better!

Cupcake Bites 5

Aren’t they just so bright and colorful and happy? Don’t they just want to make you sing and dance? Don’t worry, if they don’t, the amount of sugar in them will. I’m sorry that I will not reveal my from-scratch cake and icing recipe here, but no worries. You can pretty much use any cake and icing recipe you want to make these bad boys. I used chocolate cake and chocolate icing for these, since that’s obviously the best combo ever.

Cupcake Bites 1

Doesn’t everyone love a fun goodie bag? These treats were made to celebrate Administrative Professionals Day at our office, so our three amazing admins took home these little baggies of treats…

Cupcake Bites 3

I had some fun taking photos…it’s been a while since I whipped out my camera, too. Good times had by all ME!

Cupcake Bites 4

And don’t they kind of resemble my summertime cupcakes I posted about a couple of years ago? The similarities are UNCANNY. And by uncanny, I mean that they both look like cupcakes. And the real cupcake would squash the cake bite cupcakes with a flick of it’s frosting.

summer cupcakes


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