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Crawfish Boil!

photo 4

Over the weekend, the hubster and I were talking about summertime and how we’d love to go to a crawfish boil in New Orleans someday, and how I’ve never had crawfish. And then, alas, when we were at the grocery on Sunday, we saw crawfish at the seafood counter!! So we did it. We bought ALL the crawfish (about 2 pounds). And my sweet hubster cooked up a legit crawfish boil in our kitchen! It was my last dinner of Whole30, and a pretty darn great way to wrap it up if you ask me!

photo 2photo 1

I don’t really know all the magic he did in the kitchen, but he seasoned up the water so well, tossed in some corn and potatoes, and the crawfish came out tasting SPLENDID.

And of course, we enjoyed a bit of March Madness on our cozy Sunday night at home!photo 1 (2)

We maybe sort of played with our food a little…

photo 2 (2)

And then they were gone…

photo 3 (2)

Happy CRAWFISH BOILING!!!!photo 3



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