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A Valentine’s Day Round Up

I confess, I have never been all that into Valentine’s day. Don’t get me wrong – middle and high school was wrought with butterflies-in-stomach as I wondered if my longtime crush would finally say something or if I, in fact, should make the first move. In college, it became awaiting packages of smidgens from my dad or a care package from my mom. As serious relationships ebbed and flowed after college, some years were memorable and some were less so.

Three years ago, after dating for only one month, my now husband drove all the way from Murfreesboro to Nashville, with flowers and a vase he’d bought and arranged on his own, made friends with our office janitor, got into my office, left said flowers and a card on my desk, and got back to Murfreesboro in time to teach at 8:00 a.m.

I’m preeeetttty sure I already loved him at that point, anyway.

And it was the start of a new era – an era where I love Valentine’s day more because it is an excuse to make things that are pink and shaped like hearts than it is a special holiday. My husband and I have so many things to celebrate throughout the year that truly, this is simply another day to be together, which is A-OKAY with me!

I confess, I haven’t had time to make much valentine-y stuff this year, so here are a few of my favorites from the past! Click the photo to see the original post. I hope to make something new over the weekend!

Valentine Chocolate Scones

Valentine Scones

Valentine Sewn Paper Tea BagsValentine Tea

Valentine’s Cupcake Wrapper WreathValentine Wreath

Valentine Heart PieValentine Pie

Valentine Present WrappingValentine Present

And of course, NEVER forget about Amy’s Caramel Apples…



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