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Nashville Weekend

Things have been busy around here, but last weekend my hubby and I took a break from the snow, and surprised his parents for the weekend in Nashville. Not only was the weather insanely balmy compared to what we’ve been used to, but we got to spend some quality time with family and a few friends.

photo 2

We even brought our little pup along! It was sort of an experiment to see how she would do, and it couldn’t have gone better. We wore her out in the airport before the flight, and she made a lot of friends (I mean, who couldn’t resist that little face?) By the time the plane started moving, we put her in her carrier under the seat, and she was out cold.

We came prepared though – I made a few of these little baggies for the folks sitting around us. Even though she never made a sound, I think they all appreciated the gesture. Thanks to Christen and her parents for this inspiration 🙂

photo 4

Over the weekend, she made fast friends with my in-laws and her adopted mini-dachshund cousin, Minnie Pearl (who wasn’t too sure about Ryman at first)…

photo 1 (2)photo 3 (2) photo 3It was so sunshiny and beautiful, especially on Sunday. Ryman did a little basking in this foreign thing called THE SUN, and we even made a little trip to the Nashville Flea Market (which I miss SO MUCH).photo 2 (2)

photo (14)

Needless to say, it was pretty tough to come back to snow drifts on our car. But yet, it was a nice reminder that spring WILL come, hopefully before we know it!photo 1

Hope you guys are having a great week!

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