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How To Clean Spider Trap Glue Off Your Dog

I am writing this post because when I googled it yesterday, it appeared that I was perhaps the first person to ever google this. I did, however, find a post on “How to clean spider trap glue off your cat.” I took a few tips from it, added a few of my own methods, and now I have a step by step tutorial for you, if this ever happens to you.

1. Don’t freak out. Don’t scold the dog or act scared, or she will get scared. If your puppy manages to find a spider trap that you didn’t know you still had in your house, she will probably end up with some SERIOUS glue on her paws, and then her face. Don’t freak out.

2. Vegetable oil. Put on an apron if you don’t want oil on your clothes. Set your puppy in the sink, and gently rub her down with vegetable oil, especially the areas with a lot of sticky stuff. Try to let it all soak in a little, and just keep petting her to keep her calm.

3. Loofa + Shampoo. Sure, you can use a wash cloth or something, but I think the loofa helps pull on the sticky stuff a little. Gently put a little shampoo on a loofa, and giver her another good rub down to get the oil up.

4. Rinse. Gently, calmly, rinse your puppy off. Poor thing will be freaked out. But wrap her in a towel. I also recommend tossing a small towel in the dryer for 10min to warm it up, and wrap her with that once she’s been toweled off. You’ll end up with this, but she will be clean:

photo (14)

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