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Creative Goals {January ~ March}

As I mentioned on Tuesday, I tend to have an ongoing list of creative and household projects I want to accomplish. Sometimes, I stress myself out because I set personal goals that I can’t quite finish. So, none of that this year. But I do want to take a chunk of my goals, and have some sort of deadline. How about quarterly?

So here we go – my goals for the first three months of the year!

1. Knitting. Remember that blanket I started a YEAR ago? Well, my goal for these three months is simply to get it out and keep working on it…refreshing my memory on the pattern and stitches. Definitely attainable.

2. Reading. When I was traveling every other week, I was attached to my kindle. Since then, I seem to only squeeze in readings on my occasional flights, and I miss it! Right now I’m about 2/3 through Game of Thrones (haha, yes, judge me, fine), and I WILL finish that book this quarter.

3. Our Home. The two main projects I have been wanting to do at home are organizing our office (which has kind of been a catchall since we moved in) and painting the canvases I bought to hang over our bed.

4. Fitness and food. I am officially three months into crossfit. I love it, but have to admit I really fell off the wagon in December. With being sick for a while, starting a part time job, and traveling for 10 days over the holidays, I only made it a handful of times, and I can seriously tell. This quarter, I will go 3-4 times a week, and have put them on my calendar. For food? I’m going to follow this great week-by-week plan to make sure I am fully focused on clean eating by the end of the quarter.

5. Smashbook. Have you heard of a smashbook? Well, I received one for my birthday a few years ago, and it essentially became a journal / scrap book of Jonathan’s and my relationship. In fact, the very last event in there before it got filled up is our wedding. So our travels, adventures, and love is documented from the beginning through our wedding. But so much has happened since then! And Jonathan bought me a new one for Christmas. So this quarter, I will get my new smashbook up to date.

6. This Blog. I’ve been pretty inconsistent over the years but honestly, that’s just life. Sometimes, I don’t open my computer much and that’s okay. Other times, I just don’t feel like photographing every project I do. I promise to be honest and open with y’all, as often as I can!

Thanks for reading! It’s always refreshing to catch up with you and make a few goals. Have a happy day!!

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