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Keep It Up {New Year Resolution: 2014}

In this resolutions time of year, I’m really not making any. As I mentioned last January, and the January before that, I don’t really do New Year resolutions. Instead, I resolved to attempt change as the opportunities arise. Sometimes I succeed, and sometimes I suck.

2013 was NUTS. My husband got accepted into grad school. I got a new job. We moved to Ohio – me in May and my husband in August. But in between, we got married in Nashville in June. The past six months have been fun, but there has been a lot of “getting settled.” So honestly, I look forward to a more steady, even-keel pace in 2014.

So, my resolution for 2014? Keep it up. Keep my running lists of projects and get them done, one at a time. Keep making my house feel like home. Keep making our marriage fun and exciting. Keep focusing on cleaner eating. Keep crossfitting. Keep trying to have a positive outlook. Keep working on patience and grace. While I started these things in 2013, and some before that, there is always room for upward movement. As I do keep it up, I will continue to share with you my successes and failures.

Do you do new year resolutions? Do you try to start every day new? What have your success stories been? Happy January, y’all!!

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