Pecan Pie {And Other Thanksgiving Deliciousness}

I suppose it’s kind of unfair for me to post dessert pictures after issuing the 21-day challenge, but forgive me…because this pie was delicious. Save up your calories, and make it for Christmas! I completely stole this recipe for Chocolate Pecan Pie from none other than Paula Deen herself, so please do not be shocked by the amount of sugar and fat in this sucker…


The process…which obviously involved bourbon, my mac, and our wireless speaker playing Christmas music.pie2

And for only four people, I’d say we had a pretty nice spread of ham, turkey, salad, cranberry, squash, green beans, dressing, AND sweet potato casserole. PHEW.


The hubby and I even made a cornucopia out of crescent roll dough…but then I realized I had nothing to put in it. Oops! Kinda looks like a fish, doesn’t it?


I hope you all had wonderful thanksgivings with your families!!

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