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21-Day Intra-Holiday Challenge

Thanksgiving is over and Christmas is within view. What a fun and crazy time of year! There are holiday parties, concerts, travels, family, baking…all the things I love wrapped up into a condensed little package. 

I’ve been working hard this fall to have a healthier lifestyle – far from perfect, but better. And of course, I spent my long weekend like everyone else, eating when I felt like it and not working out a bit. And I realized that these first three weeks of December are full of fun activities, and I want to feel good by the time we get to Christmas!

So I’m creating a 21-day challenge for myself. The Intra-Holiday Challenge to get us from Thanksgiving to Christmas. Consider today Day 1. I know that three weeks isn’t enough time to actually make a noticeable change in your body, but it is enough to help you feel good and not gross by the time Santa eats your cookies. It IS possible to be healthy and still enjoy the holidays.


Want to join me? Here are the rules.

1. Workout 4+ times per week. You know what a challenging workout is for you. Get a jump-start on your resolutions – start NOW, not in a month. If you start NOW, you will be one month closer to your goal by the time the new year rolls around! Not sure where to start? Check out Share It Fitness (my favorite online source for workouts) or Jamie Eason Live Fit if you want a lifting plan. Or do something radical, like join your local CrossFit affiliate. I joined in September and I’m telling you, it will kick your butt.

2. No dessert. Seriously. I know it’s the holidays but come on, it’s only 21 days. Cut the desserts out so that you can actually enjoy a little on Christmas Day. This is a challenge for me, for sure.

3. Limited alcohol. Let’s be honest: I’m the kind of girl who would rather have a glass of wine than a dessert anyway, so I can’t say I’m going to cut out all alcohol during this prime social season. But I am limiting to four drinks per week. I like this rule because it’s flexible. It’s more about “how much” than “what.” Choose your beverages and your timing carefully.

4. Eat NORMAL. I know you’re like, “duh,” but honestly it is just so easy to eat like a crazy person this month. Make a conscious effort to stick to your routine.2329blk-w484h484z1-33990-i-just-like-to-lift-lifting-is-my-favorite

Not too tough, right? Do it with me for 21 days, and we will both be ready to face the most joyful season of the year feeling fresh and good about ourselves. Check out my Fit and Fab board on Pinterest for some workouts and inspirations! And please, don’t quit after 21 days! Just use it as a launching pad to your next goal!!

Happy December, folks!


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