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Wisconsin Adventures

Believe it or not, we do other things in Wisconsin, other than just watching the Packers. On our most recent trip, we actually drove from Columbus, so we made a pit stop for some Chicago style pizza…

IMG_1911IMG_1798 IMG_1800

We also helped with a baby shower for my cousin, which included an amazing diaper cake made to look like a tricycle, made by another cousin’s girlfriend, and a few cake bites made by yours truly, of course.

IMG_1806 IMG_1807

And, we even squeezed in a little time out with a bestie.


All in all, it was a quick trip, but a fun one! OH, and we brought back many of my Christmas decorations I’ve been “saving for when I’m a grown up,” so there will be more on that when the time comes to decorate the house. Cheers!

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