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State Cookies + Royal Icing

Happy Friday! For our housewarming party (now almost two weeks ago!) I decided to have a little fun and try something new. I have had these great WI and TN cookie cutters since our summer trip to Wisconsin, and felt like there could be no better time to use them than for a housewarming in Ohio. cookies1

I used the Vanilla Almond Cookie recipe, Royal Icing recipe, and Royal Icing tutorials from Bake at 350. It was surprisingly easy to do, and I think it was a fun addition to the party!


I also opted for leaving the icing plain white, since it was my first go with royal icing. I figured, why waste food coloring gel on an experiment, right?cookes

But I really enjoyed doing it and hope to get creative with some future royal icing cookies soon…Have a great weekend!

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