Life As I Know It

My Eleven-year-old Self

I can hardly believe it, but seventeen years ago today, my dad and stepmom got married. Seventeen years! Who else cannot believe that 1996 was seventeen years ago!!??

ANYway, super huge congratulations to their marriage. I can honestly say they are a great team, and have stuck together through family drama, deaths, marriages, and all sorts of other challenges over all of that time. And they have been huge supporters for me, and now for me and my new husband 🙂

When they told me they were getting married, and that it would be on September 6 (the day before my 11th birthday), I remember getting a little upset… As much as I liked my soon-to-be stepmom, I just could not believe the audacity of them getting married on the eve of my birthday. Surely, they would go on vacation for their anniversary every year and totally ignore my birthday. This was not a way to live. If only I had known the word audacity at the time…

But as I’m sure most of us adults know, not only do most couples not travel for every anniversary, but it doesn’t take long before our birthdays are not so exciting anymore. In fact, since I left for college, I’m the one who hasn’t even been around my family on my birthday. Furthermore, it has actually helped me be able to remember their anniversary each year.

Still, I laugh to myself when I think of what a big deal it was that they would plan such a celebration so close to my big day. Dad and Annette, for the record, I forgive you. And CONGRATULATIONS!!

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