Life As I Know It

A Wedding Glimpse

I selfishly must share a sneak peak of some of my favorite wedding photos! I loved so many of them, and going through them and making choices is tough. And so, I give you my top twenty favorites… A huge shout out to my fabulous photographers, Divine Images. Bill and Lesli made the day so fabulous!!

For those who want to know, the ceremony was at Lockeland Baptist Church, and the reception was at Two Rivers Mansion.

IMG_8366   IMG_8392      IMG_8471  IMG_8513 IMG_8522 IMG_8536     IMG_8619 IMG_8650            IMG_8779 IMG_8806 IMG_8828  IMG_8908    IMG_8989    IMG_9059   IMG_9099 IMG_9148                      IMG_9569  IMG_9656       IMG_9887 IMG_9990

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