Caffeine {Cleaner Eating}

I’m a pretty healthy eater, in general, but I have the same cravings and ups and downs as anyone. I love my salty chips and occasional JAR of peanut butter. I’ve tried different “diets” over the years, but have definitely learned that really it’s about eating healthy most of the time, splurging occasionally, and exercising regularly. Do that, and you’re in a good place.

But I’ve realized lately that I would like to feel more consistently energetic and generally healthy. It’s not so much the splurges, but rather the occasional week with frozen meals for most lunches or snacks with ingredients I can’t pronounce that are starting to get to me. So I’ve done some reading…what would it mean to eat totally clean?

Every lifestyle transition takes time. I can’t change everything at once, so I’ve decided to pick one thing each week to add or take away to my diet.


This week, I gave up caffeine – coffee, soda – and also non-caffeinated soda. Soda is just bad for you, diet or not, and we all know that. The first few days were rough, I admit. I obviously drink way too much coffee. Soda is not as much of an issue for me. But now, five days in, I don’t think I need the coffee. So I’m sticking to it!

I’ll keep you posted each Friday what I gave up – it helps to have a little accountability! Feel free to join in if you want a cleaner lifestyle, and let me know how you are progressing.

My cleaner eating:
1. No coffee, soda, or caffeine of any kind.

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