Columbus Adventures, Life As I Know It


photo (14)

Yes, it’s my wedding week, but I just have to share with you all about our big move last week. Even though Jonathan won’t join me in Columbus until August, I was able to move into our house last weekend. So Jonathan and two of his fabulous, brave friends drove up from Nashville with a big (and I mean, the biggest they have) Uhaul full of all our earthly belongings. So I’ve spent the last week or so trying my best to unpack, organize, and make the place start to feel like home.

photo (15)

{Had to get one with Brutus!}

First, let me show you a few walking-in-the-door empty photos. Clean slate!photo (7)

photo (17)

I’ve worked hard, and already gone through so many boxes I’ve lost count.

photo (8)photo (13)

photo (16)

A mess! But now I’m beginning to see the light…Just about everything is about in its place, except of course that there is a lot of wall hanging yet to do…

photo (12)photo (10)

I will be sure to share more photos as I figure out how exactly I’m decorating the house. I’m not much of a decorator…Any tips? Ideas? Volunteers???

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