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Final Countdown

If I could, I would insert an audio clip here of Gob’s magician performance from arrested development, blasting “Final Countdown.” But I’m not tech savvy enough for that, lucky for you.

But it really is the final countdown – just five more days until the BIG day! But truly, what have we always heard? Married only makes you married. While I know that the actual act of getting married won’t really change much between Jonathan and I, it DOES change something big in our lives. It’s a new level of committment. It means that if one of us says something stupid, we don’t face a break up. It means when one of us accomplishes something incredible, we’ll have a partner to celebrate with. It means committment, through thick and thin and every bit of it.

I don’t know yet what it will be like to be a wife. I know there will be ups and downs, of course, but my wish for each of us, as spouses, is that we can continue to focus on the great attributes of the other. When the daily grind gets going, it can be easy to say “stop doing that” or “could you not” or “why do you always” instead of saying “I love you because” or “I love when” or “you are so {insert positive characteristic here}.” I have prayed a lot about this – how do I give and receive criticisms and compliments? I believe this simple concept will help to really make our day-to-day lives special. Not to sound like a naive-almost-newly-wed, but I am ready to really dive into this marriage full throttle and see what I can learn!

Married people? Any advice?

3 thoughts on “Final Countdown”

  1. Can’t wait for this weekend! It is such an exciting time! One thing I can advise you on is at your wedding….you and Jonathan should take a step back privately and view the reception from afar. Look at all of those that are there to support and love you through this moment! You will remember that as one of your first married moments and will talk about it often throughout your marriage.
    Being married does change things….I can’t really place it or put a finger on it….but your relationship becomes WAY better! There is a big sense of security and love. Early on as I wrote on your spoon, Dan and I took the “D” word out if our marriage, we weren’t allowed to throw that out if we fought or were angry. That word is so hurtful. Once we did that marriage became easier. Also we chose to have God as the top of our triangle in marriage and we were the two sides. We pray together, cry together, have joy together and we share it all with God. He is our rock and who we turn to for all things. He fulfills His promises in His time, just remember to pray and be patient together. I can’t believe this summer we celebrate 11years together and 15 years total…..we could not have done without God.
    During your wedding week, don’t get caught up in images and how things look or go etc. it will never go perfectly….as I learned with my dress and hair/makeup for my wedding! No one will remember those things but you. Remember the special moments leading up to and in the wedding that you and Jonathan share! Those are the things you will cherish forever! And as Dan and I paid tribute to the Movie Moulin Rouge :Come What May….that is our motto, what we go by daily. We even have it inscribed on our rings. Come What May……
    It is going to be great! Can’t wait to celebrate with you! Hope my advice helps! Love you!


  2. Jonathan loved his Uncle Don and Don loved him. We had an amazing marriage because we treated each other like a treasure. When I walked in the house he always said with joy, “My baby’s home!!” Be sure to make each other feel special every day and your home will be filled with peace, love and joy.


  3. Meghan, I am so excited for you and your husband to be. You will be a beautiful bride and a wonderful wife. I loved what you wrote it was beautiful. Remember on your wedding day you are not only making a commitment to each other but are making a covenant with the Lord God Almighty. Keep the Lord first in your marriage, and he will light the path before you. Let him be your strength and your guide. Pray together, do bible studies together and grow in His word together. There is no greater gift you can give each other than to walk in the Lords light. God Bless and be with you, you will be in my prayers, and I am so excited to see the pictures. Enjoy each moment, it is so precious, each and every moment of your day. I will keep your mom in my prayers as well, I am sure she is so excited for you. God Bless you, I love you, and always will. love holly (our anniversary was just last week, 46 years 🙂


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