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Distance Marriage Preparation

We are less than a month away from the big day, but really I am just so thrilled to become a wife to my love. Being away from him and from Nashville in these last few weeks is, admittedly, tough. Yes, there are wedding details to finish, but more than that, I feel like it’s that much more challenging to continue to build our relationship towards our marriage in these final weeks of pre-wedding bliss stress. Not impossible, by any means, but definitely challenging.


As we go through this major shift in our relationship, I have to admit I take some comfort in the little projects and goals I have set between now and the wedding. While I’m still new to Columbus, it’s comfortable to sit on the floor and cut burlap. Maybe not physically, but at least emotionally.

It’s comfortable to say hi – how was your day – I miss you – goodnight instead of continuing to have those deeper conversations that have made us tick from day one. I’m feeling our love grow stronger as we figure out, together, how to process these big changes. We know we have to challenge these comforts – to transcend them and incorporate them into our soon-to-be marriage.

I know that so many people go through incredible distances and so many challenges throughout their marriages that are much, much greater than our current discomfort. Regardless, I wanted to share these thoughts with you in hopes it might encourage you to push pass your comforts today in an attempt to embrace something a little bigger…even if it’s a little scary!

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